Different Materials You Can Consider When Purchasing Custom Picture Frames

In the current digital era, it is difficult to come across someone who does not own a smartphone. These devices have made it exceedingly simple to document special occasions from births, to weddings, birthdays, and so much more. Yet, it may seem that the ritual of printing and framing pictures is slowly fading away with the more photos that people are collecting on their handheld devices. But this should not be the case.

The art of custom framing is not merely about having pictures on the wall. Rather, it is about displaying treasured moments that will not only uplift you when you are feeling down but will also add warmth and character to your living space. That being said, you must select the best supplies to frame your photographs. To help you with that, here are different materials that you can consider when purchasing custom picture frames.

Natural wood custom picture frames

It is not uncommon to find picture frames manufactured from engineered wood, vinyl and even PVC that are all designed to mimic the appearance of solid wood, but once you touch them, you will automatically tell that they are synthetic supplies. If you want your custom picture frames to stand the test of time and elevate the value of your photographs, you should consider investing in natural wood supplies.

Natural wood is not only effortlessly striking, but when provided with the appropriate upkeep, you can rest assured that your custom picture frames will last for the long term. In fact, you could end up passing down the framed pictures as family heirlooms. To make the most of this durability, you can opt for hardwood supplies such as blackbutt, spotted gum, Australian beech and ironbark. On the other hand, if you want the picture frames personalised into ornate shapes so you can come up with creative configurations on the walls, you could choose softwood species, for example, white cypress and hoop pine for your custom picture frames.

Ceramic custom picture frames

Although ceramic supplies are commonly associated with flooring, more and more people are discovering the benefits this material provides when utilised for custom picture frame applications. First off, if you reside by the coast, custom picture frames made from fired stoneware would be an ideal investment, as this material is waterproof, making it invulnerable to humidity and moisture at large.

Moreover, the rustic appeal of stoneware adds a unique aesthetic to the pictures, which injects visual interest into your living space. Alternatively, if you prefer a sleek appearance, you can choose porcelain for your custom picture frames, which is water-resistant. Secondly, you can personalise the ceramics, which is excellent if you want to match the custom picture frames to your interior décor. Keep in mind, though, that ceramic custom picture frames can be heavy, more so if they are large.

Contact a local custom frame maker to learn more.

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